Remembering Colin Powell: An Overview of His Funeral Services

The late Colin Powell was an inspiring and influential figure in the United States. He was a four-star general and the first African American Secretary of State. His funeral service was held on April 3, 2021 and was attended by many dignitaries, family members, and friends from all over the world. Here is an overview of the events that took place at his funeral service.

Location and Time of the Service

The funeral service for Colin Powell was held at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC on Saturday, April 3, 2021. The service began at 11 am and lasted for about two and a half hours. The event was livestreamed for those who were unable to attend in person.

Notable Attendees

The service was attended by many dignitaries from all over the world, including former U.S. President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. Other notable attendees included former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and former Vice President Dick Cheney. A number of foreign dignitaries, including United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, were also in attendance.

Musical Performances

The service featured several musical performances, including the U.S. Army Chorus, who performed “America the Beautiful” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The U.S. Navy Band also performed “Eternal Father, Strong to Save.” Additionally, The Choral Arts Society of Washington performed “God Bless America.”

Opening Remarks

The service opened with remarks from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who paid tribute to Powell and described him as a “soldier, statesman and patriot.” He also highlighted Powell’s commitment to service and his dedication to the country. The remarks were followed by a reading from the Bible by the Reverend Canon Robert J. Stec.

The Eulogies

The service featured several eulogies from various people who knew Powell personally. Former President Obama spoke about Powell’s influence on his life, describing him as “a mentor, a teacher and a friend.” Additionally, General Michael Hayden, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, discussed Powell’s leadership and his commitment to public service. Finally, Powell’s son, Michael, spoke about his father’s legacy and his lasting impact on the world.

The Flag Presentation

The service concluded with a flag presentation. The flag was presented by members of the U.S. Army and was accompanied by the playing of “Taps.” After the flag presentation, the attendees were asked to stand for a moment of silence to honor Powell’s memory.


The funeral service for Colin Powell was a beautiful tribute to an incredible man. It was attended by many dignitaries, family members, and friends from all over the world. The service featured musical performances, eulogies, and a flag presentation. It was a fitting way to honor the life and legacy of Colin Powell.