Remembering Drakeo the Ruler: A Look Back at His Funeral

Drakeo the Ruler was an up-and-coming rapper in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene when he passed away in February 2021. At only 23 years old, Drakeo had already achieved success with his unique style of rap. His death was a tragedy, and his funeral was an emotional event that was attended by many of his fans and supporters.

Drakeo’s funeral took place on March 6, 2021 in his hometown of Inglewood, California. Hundreds of people gathered at the church to pay their respects and celebrate Drakeo’s life. The service was led by Drakeo’s close friend, fellow rapper, and mentor, YG. YG reflected on Drakeo’s life and accomplishments, as well as the impact he had on the music community.

The ceremony was filled with emotion, as Drakeo’s friends and family said their final goodbyes. There were several speeches from those who knew Drakeo best, including his father, mother, and sister. They shared stories and memories of Drakeo, and expressed how much they loved him. There was also a video montage that showed clips of Drakeo’s life and career, which was accompanied by a beautiful rendition of one of his most popular songs.

The music community also paid tribute to Drakeo at his funeral. Many of his peers and collaborators, including Syd, 03 Greedo, and Shoreline Mafia, attended the service to show their support. In addition, several prominent figures in the music industry, such as Drake and Ty Dolla Sign, sent their condolences. The entire event was a testament to Drakeo’s impact and influence on the hip-hop scene.

In addition to the memorial service, there was also a public viewing of Drakeo’s body. This allowed fans to pay their respects and say goodbye to the rapper one last time. The viewing was a somber event, but it was a chance for people to remember Drakeo and all the joy he brought them through his music.

Following the funeral and viewing, Drakeo was laid to rest at the Inglewood Cemetery. His grave was marked with a headstone featuring a portrait of the rapper. The grave was adorned with several heartfelt messages and tributes to Drakeo, including a plaque that read “Forever in our hearts.”

The passing of Drakeo the Ruler was a devastating loss for the hip-hop community. His funeral was a fitting tribute to the young rapper’s life and accomplishments, and it was an emotional event for those who knew and loved him. Although he is gone, his music and legacy will live on forever.


The funeral of Drakeo the Ruler was a touching and emotional event. It was a chance for family, friends, and fans alike to celebrate the rapper’s life and pay their final respects. Drakeo will be remembered as a talented artist and an inspiration to many. His legacy will live on through his music and influence.