Remembering Eazy-E: Reflecting on His Life and Funeral

Eric Lynn Wright, better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He was a founding member of the rap group N.W.A., and one of the pioneers of the gangsta rap movement. Although Eazy-E passed away in 1995, he is still remembered and revered for his influence in the music industry. His funeral in 1995 was a tribute to his life and work.

Early Life of Eazy-E

Eazy-E was born on September 7, 1963, in Compton, California. He was raised in a single-parent home, and his mother struggled to make ends meet. Eazy-E attended the Pacific Coast High School, but he dropped out before graduating. He was later hired as a mailroom clerk at a Los Angeles record label. This job provided him with the opportunity to meet influential people in the music industry, and this eventually led to him becoming a rapper.

Career of Eazy-E

In 1986, Eazy-E founded Ruthless Records with his partner Jerry Heller. At the time, gangsta rap was becoming increasingly popular, and Eazy-E was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon. He released his first solo album, “Eazy-Duz-It”, in 1988. The album was a huge success, and it helped to put gangsta rap on the mainstream music map. Eazy-E went on to release several more albums, and he also helped to launch the careers of other influential rappers, such as Dr. Dre and Ice Cube.

Eazy-E’s Diagnosis and Death

In 1995, Eazy-E was diagnosed with AIDS. He had contracted the disease through unprotected sex, and he kept his diagnosis a secret from the public. Eazy-E passed away only a few weeks later, on March 26, 1995. He was only 31 years old at the time of his death.

Eazy-E’s Funeral

Eazy-E’s funeral was held on April 8, 1995 at the Greater Bethany Community Church in Los Angeles. It was attended by over 1,000 people, including many of the musicians and celebrities that he had worked with throughout his career. The service was a celebration of his life, and mourners sang his songs and shared their memories of him. After the service, a procession of over 100 cars drove from the church to the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where he was laid to rest.

Legacy of Eazy-E

Eazy-E’s influence on the music industry is undeniable. He helped to popularize gangsta rap, and he launched the careers of many other influential rappers. He was also a savvy business man, and he is credited with helping to create a new model for independent labels. His legacy is still felt today, and his music continues to inspire new generations of fans.


The funeral of Eazy-E was a fitting tribute to the life and career of one of the most influential figures in hip-hop history. His legacy will continue to live on through his music and the artists that he helped to launch. Eazy-E’s contribution to the music industry will never be forgotten.