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When a loved one passes away, the pain and sorrow of the loss can be unbearable. The Forrest Funeral Home is here to help you and your family through the difficult process of saying goodbye. Forrest Funeral Home has been providing families with comfort and compassion for over 100 years. They provide a full range of services, from traditional funeral services and cremations, to pre-planning and memorial services.

Traditional Funeral Services

Forrest Funeral Home offers traditional funeral services, which are designed to help you honor and celebrate the memory of your loved one. These services typically include a visitation period, a funeral service, and a burial or cremation. During the visitation, family and friends come to pay their respects, and share memories of the deceased. The funeral service is typically a religious or non-religious ceremony, depending on the wishes of the deceased and their family. After the funeral service, the deceased is usually buried or cremated, and the family can choose to have the urn or casket buried, or to keep it in a special place.

Cremation Services

Cremation services are another option available from Forrest Funeral Home. Cremation is a simpler, less expensive alternative to a traditional funeral service. With cremation, the body of the deceased is cremated, and the ashes are returned to the family. The family can choose to keep the ashes in an urn, bury them in a cemetery, or even scatter them in a special place. Cremation also gives the family more options for memorial services, such as a memorial service in a special location or a service with the ashes present.

Pre-Planning Services

Forrest Funeral Home also offers pre-planning services. These services are designed to help you plan your funeral ahead of time, so that your family will know exactly what you wanted when the time comes. Pre-planning allows you to make decisions about the type of funeral service you would like, the type of casket or urn you would like, and any special services or readings you would like included in the service. Pre-planning also allows you to choose the funeral home that you would like to use, and to make arrangements for payment.

Memorial Services

Forrest Funeral Home also offers memorial services. These services are designed to provide comfort and support to the family and friends of the deceased. Memorial services can take many forms, such as a gathering of friends and family to share memories and honor the life of the deceased, a special ceremony or service to commemorate the life of the deceased, or a special gathering to celebrate the life of the deceased.

Compassionate Care

At Forrest Funeral Home, we understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family. We are here to provide you with compassionate care and support throughout this process. Our staff is dedicated to helping you create a meaningful and lasting tribute to your loved one. We will work with you to make sure that all of your wishes are taken into account and that your loved one is remembered in the way that you desire.

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The Forrest Funeral Home is here to provide comfort, compassion, and support to you and your family during this difficult time. We offer a variety of services to help you honor and celebrate the life of your loved one, including traditional funeral services, cremations, pre-planning, and memorial services. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us today.