What to Wear to a Funeral for Women

When attending a funeral, it is important to look respectful and appropriate. Showing respect for the deceased and their family is a priority. Knowing what to wear to a funeral for women can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time attending a funeral. From the type of clothing you should wear to accessories and makeup, this article will provide a guide on choosing the proper funeral attire for women.

Type of Clothing to Wear

The preferred type of clothing to wear to a funeral is something that is dark, neutral, and conservative. It is best to avoid flashy, bright, or overly revealing clothing. Traditional funeral attire for women includes a dress, skirt, and blouse, pantsuit, or any other outfit that is not too casual. If the funeral is held in a religious setting, you should consult the religious guidelines for the appropriate outfit for women. Additionally, if the funeral is for a close friend or family member, you should consider wearing the deceased’s favorite color.

Accessories and Shoes

Accessories should be tasteful and appropriate for a funeral. Some acceptable accessories for women include a simple necklace or earrings and a cardigan, scarf, or shawl. It is best to keep the accessories minimal and classic. As for shoes, you should wear a comfortable pair of flats, pumps, or other closed-toe shoes. Avoid wearing open-toe sandals, sneakers, or high heels.

Makeup and Hair

When it comes to makeup and hair, you should keep things natural and subtle. Avoid wearing dramatic makeup or hairstyles. Simple and neutral makeup is appropriate for a funeral. If you usually wear makeup, you should consider wearing a little more than usual so you look polished. When it comes to hair, you could opt for a low bun, ponytail, or braid.

Other Considerations

When attending a funeral, you should also keep in mind the season and weather. Consider wearing layers if the funeral is held in colder months. Additionally, you should also avoid wearing strong fragrances, as some people are allergic or sensitive to certain scents. It is best to leave the perfumes, colognes, and strong-scented lotions at home.


Choosing what to wear to a funeral for women can be daunting. It is important to remember that the most important thing to do when attending a funeral is to show respect for the deceased and their family. To look appropriate and respectful, wear a dark, neutral, and conservative outfit, such as a dress, skirt and blouse, or pantsuit. Keep the accessories tasteful and minimal, and opt for comfortable flats or pumps. For makeup and hair, it is best to keep things natural and subtle. Lastly, also consider the season and weather and avoid wearing strong fragrances.


Funerals can be difficult and emotional, so it is important to choose something to wear that is respectful and appropriate. With the right clothing, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle, you can look respectful while attending the funeral. Remember to keep the outfit dark, neutral, and conservative, and keep accessories and makeup minimal. By following this guide, you can look appropriate and respectful when attending a funeral.