The Funeral of Husband of Selena Quintanilla

On April 7th, 1995, the world was shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Selena Quintanilla, the beloved Mexican-American singer and songwriter. Selena was only 23 years old and had a bright future ahead of her, but was tragically shot and killed by her former fan club president. As the world mourned the loss of Selena, many people also wondered what would become of her husband, Chris Perez.

Chris and Selena had been married in secret in 1992, shortly after they met at a concert. They had a beautiful relationship, and Chris was devoted to Selena and her career. But with Selena gone, Chris was left to grieve on his own. When it came time for the funeral, Chris was the only family member allowed to enter the church, as Selena’s family was still in shock and unable to attend.

Chris attended the funeral on April 16th, 1995, in a private car. He was dressed in all black, with a black beret on his head. As he entered the church, he was surrounded by a sea of mourners and friends of Selena. He stood by her coffin for the entire service, surrounded by her closest family and friends.

The funeral, which was attended by over 5,000 people, was both emotional and beautiful. The service was presided over by a priest, and included a eulogy by Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla. The service also featured several of Selena’s songs, which were performed by her bandmates and friends. During the service, Chris was seen wiping away tears and comforting Selena’s family.

After the funeral, Chris and a few close family members attended a private burial service at Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christi. After the burial, Chris returned to his home in San Antonio, where he remained in seclusion for several days. During this time, he was comforted by his family and friends, who helped him cope with the loss of Selena.

In the days after the funeral, Chris began to move forward with his life. He continued to make music, and eventually formed his own band, The Chris Perez Project. Chris also eventually remarried, and has been able to move on with his life. Though Selena is gone, Chris has been able to keep her memory alive in his music and his life.

The Legacy of Selena and Chris Perez

Selena and Chris’s relationship is an example of true love and devotion. Though their time together was brief, their love was strong and their bond was unbreakable. Selena’s death left a gaping hole in Chris’s life, but he was able to find strength and comfort in their shared memories.

Selena was a beloved superstar and her music continues to live on through her fans. Chris is still remembered as the man who loved her unconditionally, and who never stopped loving her, even after she passed away. Together, Selena and Chris have left a legacy of music, love, and devotion that will never be forgotten.


The funeral of husband of Selena Quintanilla was an emotional and heartbreaking event. Chris Perez was the only family member to attend, and his grief was palpable. Though Selena is gone, her memory lives on through her music and her husband, Chris. The couple’s legacy of love and devotion will never be forgotten.