What to Wear to a Funeral for Men

Funerals can be extremely difficult occasions for those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. In the midst of sadness and mourning, it is important to remember the etiquette of what to wear to a funeral. This guide will provide information on what men should wear to a funeral.

Conservative Dress Code for Funerals

No matter the religion or culture, funerals typically require a conservative dress code. This means that men should avoid wearing anything that is too flashy or trendy. Instead, stick to more classic, timeless pieces. This could include a collared shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. It is also important to avoid wearing bright colors or patterns, as they can be seen as disrespectful in certain cultures. Additionally, men should avoid wearing denim, shorts, or sneakers, as they will look out of place in a funeral setting.

Darker Colors

When it comes to choosing colors for funeral attire, darker colors are typically the most appropriate. Dark colors are seen as a sign of respect and mourning. Common colors for men to wear to a funeral include black, grey, navy blue, and dark brown. It’s important to avoid wearing colors like white and beige, as these colors are typically associated with weddings, not funerals.


In addition to clothing, accessories can also be important for men to wear to a funeral. These accessories should also be conservative and muted. For example, men can wear a subtle tie, belt, or pocket square. If the funeral is a religious service, men may want to consider wearing a yarmulke or head covering to show respect. Additionally, men may want to wear a simple watch or a set of cufflinks to complete the look.


If the weather is cold or inclement, men may want to bring an outerwear item to the funeral. This item should also be dark and conservative. Men can opt for a classic wool overcoat, trench coat, or blazer. These items will help keep men warm while still looking appropriate for the occasion.


Hats are another accessory that men may consider wearing to a funeral. However, it is important to remember that hats are often seen as a sign of disrespect in some cultures. Therefore, men should only wear hats if it is appropriate for the religion or culture. If it is not appropriate, men should leave the hats at home.

Understand the Culture

When preparing to attend a funeral, it is important to understand the culture or religion of the deceased. Different cultures and religions have different dress codes and expectations. Doing research ahead of time can help men ensure they are dressed appropriately. Additionally, men should always defer to their hosts or the family of the deceased when it comes to proper attire.


Funerals can be emotional and difficult occasions for those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. When it comes to proper attire for men, it is important to stick to a conservative dress code. Darker colors are typically more appropriate, and accessories should also be muted and conservative. Additionally, men should take the time to research the culture or religion of the deceased in order to ensure they are dressed appropriately. Following these tips can help men show respect while attending a funeral.