Naomi Judd Funeral Services

Naomi Judd, the legendary country singer, songwriter and actress, passed away at the age of 74 on April 8th, 2021. Her death was unexpected and came as a shock to her loved ones. In honor of her life, her family held a private funeral service. Naomi Judd’s funeral service was a fitting tribute to a woman who had touched so many with her music and her spirit.

The Service

The private funeral service was held at the Judd family home in Franklin, Tennessee. It was attended by close family members and friends. The service was a quiet, intimate gathering with a few musical performances by some of Naomi’s closest friends. The family asked for donations in Naomi’s honor to be made in lieu of flowers. The donations will be given to a charity of the family’s choosing.

The Music

The music at the funeral service was special and meaningful. Some of the songs included “God Bless America”, “Amazing Grace”, “The Dance”, “Love Can Build a Bridge”, and “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. All of these songs were chosen to reflect Naomi’s incredible career and her love for her family and friends. The music at the service was a perfect way to honor her life.

The Speakers

During the service, there were several speakers who shared heartfelt words about Naomi. Her daughter, Ashley Judd, spoke about her mother’s strong faith and her unconditional love for her family. Her sister, Wynonna Judd, spoke about Naomi’s courage and resilience throughout her life. There were also several other family members and friends who shared beautiful stories about Naomi’s life.

The Final Goodbye

At the conclusion of the funeral service, Naomi’s friends and family gathered around her casket and each said a final goodbye. The service was a beautiful tribute to a woman who had touched so many with her music and her spirit. Naomi Judd will be remembered as a legend in country music and she will be deeply missed.


The private funeral service for Naomi Judd was a fitting tribute to her life and legacy. The music, speakers, and stories that were shared during the service were a beautiful way to honor her memory. Naomi Judd will be remembered as a true legend in the music industry and she will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved her.