Neal Funeral Home Obituaries: A Way to Remember and Celebrate the Lives of Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is an inevitable part of life. Neal Funeral Home Obituaries offer a way to remember and celebrate their lives. Obituaries provide family and friends with a permanent record of the deceased person’s life and can be a helpful source of comfort to those who are grieving. Neal Funeral Home is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing obituaries and funeral services to the community since 1879.

The Services Offered by Neal Funeral Home

Neal Funeral Home offers a variety of services to families looking to honor the memory of their loved one. Services include traditional funeral services, cremation services, and memorial services. The funeral home provides a wide range of options for families to choose from, including caskets, urns, keepsakes, and more. Additionally, the funeral home offers pre-planning services to help families plan ahead and alleviate the financial burden associated with funeral planning.

The Benefits of an Obituary

An obituary is a way to honor the life of a loved one and provide a permanent record for future generations. Obituaries can be included in newspapers, posted online, or displayed at a memorial service. The obituary should include the person’s full name, date of birth, date of death, and a brief summary of their life. An obituary can also include a photo of the deceased, a list of surviving family members, and any memorial contributions that the family wishes to make.

Writing an Obituary

Writing an obituary can be a daunting task for many people. It’s important to write an obituary that accurately reflects the spirit and life of the deceased. It’s also important to be mindful of how the obituary will be received by family and friends. Neal Funeral Home provides a helpful guide to writing an obituary that can be used to ensure accuracy and sensitivity when crafting an obituary.

Neal Funeral Home and Social Media

Neal Funeral Home utilizes social media to provide updates and information about obituaries and services. The funeral home has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, where they post obituary announcements, photos, and memories from family and friends. They also have an email subscription service where families can receive updates about services and obituaries. This is a great way for families to stay informed and connected in the wake of a loved one’s passing.

Memorial Services

In addition to providing funeral services, Neal Funeral Home also provides memorial services to honor the life of the deceased. Memorial services can be held in a variety of places, including churches, parks, or in the comfort of one’s own home. The funeral home can help arrange for a memorial service and provide assistance with catering, flowers, and other arrangements. Memorial services are a great way for family and friends to come together to honor the life of the deceased.

Legacy of Loved Ones

Neal Funeral Home provides a way for families to remember and celebrate the life of their loved ones. Obituaries are a permanent record that can be shared with future generations. Through memorial services and social media, families can stay connected and honor the memory of their loved ones. Neal Funeral Home is dedicated to providing quality service and helping families create lasting memories of their loved ones.


Neal Funeral Home provides a valuable service to families looking to remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. The funeral home offers a variety of services, including obituaries, funeral services, cremation services, and memorial services. Families can take advantage of pre-planning services and social media to stay connected and informed. The legacy of a loved one’s life can be preserved through obituaries, memorial services, and other lasting memories.