Norton Funeral Home Obituaries

When a loved one passes away, many families turn to Norton Funeral Home to help them through the difficult time. Established in 1882, Norton Funeral Home has been a comforting presence to generations of families. Funeral services at Norton Funeral Home are a time to honor and remember the life of the deceased. During this time, many families choose to look at Norton Funeral Home obituaries to learn more about their loved one.

What Are Obituaries?

An obituary is a written document that is published in a newspaper or other media outlets to provide information about the life of a deceased person. Obituaries typically include the person’s full name, age, place of birth, occupation, the names of surviving family members, the cause of death, and funeral service information. Because of the detailed nature of an obituary, it often serves as a lasting tribute to the deceased.

How to Find Norton Funeral Home Obituaries

Norton Funeral Home obituaries are available on their website and in local newspapers. To view the obituaries on their website, visitors can enter their search criteria, such as the deceased’s name or city of residence. Once the search criteria are entered, a list of all obituaries that match the criteria will be displayed. If the obituary is not found on the website, visitors can contact the funeral home directly and request a copy.

Benefits of Reading an Obituary

Reading an obituary can be a very meaningful experience. It provides an opportunity to learn more about the deceased and their life. An obituary can also be a source of comfort for those mourning the loss of a loved one. Reading about the deceased’s life can bring a sense of closure and help the bereaved to begin the process of healing.

How to Write an Obituary

Writing an obituary can be a difficult task during a time of grief. It is important to keep in mind that an obituary is not a biography, but rather a summary of the deceased’s life. It should include only the most important facts about the person. It is also important to be accurate and include only verified information. Additionally, it should be written in the third person and include the deceased’s full name, age, date of death, and place of death.

How to Create an Online Memorial

Creating an online memorial is a great way to preserve the memory of a loved one. An online memorial can be a public space where family and friends can share memories and stories about the deceased. Many funeral homes, including Norton Funeral Home, offer online memorials. These memorials typically include the deceased’s obituary, photos, and a guestbook where visitors can leave their condolences.

Norton Funeral Home Services

In addition to providing obituaries and online memorials, Norton Funeral Home offers a wide range of funeral services. These services include visitation, burial, cremation, and memorial services. The funeral home also provides grief counseling and support services to help families through their difficult time. Additionally, they offer pre-planning services to ensure that families are prepared for the future.


Norton Funeral Home is committed to providing compassionate funeral services to families in their time of need. Their obituaries provide valuable information about the deceased, and their online memorials are a great way to honor and remember the life of a loved one. Additionally, they offer a variety of funeral services and grief counseling services to support families during their difficult time.

Norton Funeral Home: A Compassionate Resource for Grieving Families