Proko Funeral Home: Celebrating Life With Compassion

For over a century, Proko Funeral Home has been providing families with professional and compassionate care during difficult times. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Proko is a full-service funeral home that strives to make the process of saying goodbye to a loved one as stress-free and comforting as possible. The compassionate staff at Proko is dedicated to helping families create meaningful and memorable funerals that honor and celebrate the life of their loved one.

Services Provided by Proko Funeral Home

Proko Funeral Home offers a variety of services to meet the individual needs of each family. From traditional funerals and cremations, to customized services, Proko will help families create a meaningful celebration of life. Proko’s experienced and caring staff can also help families craft a personal tribute to their loved one, as well as arrange for special services such as military honors and memorials.

Caring for the Community

At Proko Funeral Home, the staff understands the importance of supporting the community, and strives to provide meaningful services to those in need. Proko offers a variety of programs to support and commemorate veterans and those who have served in the military. Proko also supports a number of local charities, and is proud to be involved in many community events throughout the year.

Planning Ahead

Proko Funeral Home understands the importance of planning ahead, and offers a variety of pre-planning services to help families make the best decisions for their loved ones. Pre-planning is the best way to ensure that a person’s wishes and values are respected, and Proko can help families create a plan that is tailored to their individual needs. Pre-planning also helps families avoid making difficult decisions during a time of grief and emotional distress.

Personalized Services

At Proko, the staff is dedicated to creating personalized services that reflect the unique life of each individual. From personalized tributes to unique memorials, Proko will help families create a meaningful and memorable service that celebrates their loved one’s life. Proko also offers a variety of memorial products and keepsakes, such as personalized mementos and memorial jewelry.

Online Tributes

Proko Funeral Home also offers an online tribute page, which allows families to create a personalized memorial page for their loved one. This page can include photos, videos, and other memorable moments. Additionally, families can share their tribute with other family members, as well as leave messages of condolence and support.

Location and Contact Information

Proko Funeral Home is located at 5440 South 27th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The funeral home can be reached by phone at (414)764-8600 or by email at For more information on services and pre-planning, visit the Proko Funeral Home website at

Celebrating Life with Compassion

At Proko Funeral Home, the staff is dedicated to helping families celebrate the life of their loved one with compassion and dignity. From traditional funerals to personalized services, Proko strives to provide families with a meaningful and comforting experience during a difficult time. For more information on services provided by Proko Funeral Home, contact the funeral home today.