Schuette Daniels Funeral Home: A Tribute to Life

Families in Wisconsin have been entrusting their loved one’s final wishes to Schuette-Daniels Funeral Home since 1874. As one of the oldest and most respected funeral homes in the state, Schuette-Daniels has a long tradition of providing compassionate care and personal service to those in need. With two convenient locations in Menomonee Falls and Germantown, Schuette-Daniels is dedicated to honoring the life of your loved one with a meaningful funeral or memorial service.

Professional Services with a Personal Touch

Schuette-Daniels understands the importance of honoring a life well lived. That’s why they strive to provide the highest quality of professional services with a personal touch. Their experienced staff is available to help families choose the services that best meet their needs and budget. Whether you desire a traditional funeral service, a more contemporary celebration of life, or a simple graveside service, Schuette-Daniels is here to help make it happen.

Cremation Services

Schuette-Daniels also offers a variety of cremation services. Whether you choose to have a service before or after the cremation, their staff will ensure that your loved one’s wishes are respected and that the process is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. They offer a variety of cremation packages that can be tailored to meet any budget.

Memorialization Options

Schuette-Daniels also helps families find meaningful ways to commemorate the life of their loved one. They offer an array of memorialization options, including bronze memorials, monument memorials, and urns. They also provide assistance with the selection of urns, caskets, and other remembrance items. Schuette-Daniels can even help you create a personalized video tribute or memorial website.

Veteran Services

Schuette-Daniels is proud to honor our veterans with a variety of special services designed to commemorate their service. They are proud to provide veterans with a dignified funeral that honors their service and sacrifice. They also offer a variety of special military memorial packages that can include a flag presentation, veteran’s lapel pins, and a commemorative certificate.

Grief Support Services

Schuette-Daniels understands the profound impact of grief and loss. That’s why they offer a variety of grief support services to help families through the difficult process of mourning. These services include individual counseling, group counseling, online resources, and special events. Their team of experienced counselors and staff are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support for those in need.

Pre-Planning Services

Schuette-Daniels also offers pre-planning services to help families make important decisions ahead of time. This can help reduce the burden on family members at a difficult time and ensure that your loved one’s wishes are honored. Pre-planning services include cemetery arrangements, funeral arrangements, and financial arrangements. Schuette-Daniels can also help you create a personal profile that includes your wishes for your own final arrangements.

Schuette-Daniels: Honor Your Loved One with Dignity and Respect

At Schuette-Daniels Funeral Home, the staff is dedicated to providing families with the highest quality of professional services with a personal touch. They strive to honor the life of your loved one with dignity and respect. Whether you’re planning a funeral or memorial service, selecting memorialization options, or pre-planning your own arrangements, Schuette-Daniels is here to help. Contact them today to learn more.