Scott Hall Funeral: Remembering a Wrestling Legend

On November 14, 2020, the wrestling world was rocked by the news of the death of Scott Hall. Hall was a celebrated professional wrestler and a member of the famous nWo stable that changed the face of the sport in the 1990s. His death was met with an outpouring of grief and tributes from the wrestling community and fans around the world.

Scott Hall’s Wrestling Career

Hall began his professional wrestling career in 1984 after being trained by Larry Sharpe. His early years were spent as an enhancement talent in the American Wrestling Association (AWA), where he competed against the likes of Ric Flair and Curt Hennig. In 1989, he signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and changed his name to Razor Ramon. He gained notoriety as a heel and became a four-time Intercontinental Champion.

In 1996, Hall signed with Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and joined the new World order (nWo) stable alongside Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. The trio formed the most successful stable in wrestling history and propelled the company to its most successful years. He became a two-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and was a major part of the Monday Night Wars between WCW and the WWF.

Hall’s Later Years

After WCW went out of business in 2001, Hall made sporadic appearances in the WWE, but his career was derailed by substance abuse issues. Hall entered rehab in 2005 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. In later years, he returned to wrestling sporadically and was regularly featured on the independent circuit.

Hall’s Legacy

Hall will be remembered as one of the most beloved wrestling superstars of all time. He was a major part of the ’90s wrestling boom and helped change the face of the industry. He was also a pioneer of the “anti-hero” character type and his Razor Ramon character is still fondly remembered by wrestling fans.

The Scott Hall Funeral

Hall’s funeral was held at the First Baptist Church in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on November 23, 2020. It was attended by several of his former colleagues and friends from the wrestling industry, including WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels. It was a somber occasion as the wrestling community said goodbye to a true legend.

Tributes to Scott Hall

Tributes to Hall have been pouring in from all corners of the wrestling world. Several of his former colleagues have taken to social media to express their sadness and pay their respects. His former nWo stablemates, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, have both tweeted heartfelt messages remembering their friend.

Hall’s death has been met with an outpouring of love and admiration from fans around the world. He was one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time and his legacy will live on in the hearts of wrestling fans forever.


Scott Hall was a true wrestling legend who will be remembered for generations to come. His funeral was a somber occasion for the wrestling world, but it was also an opportunity for all of us to reflect on his incredible career and the lasting impact he has had on the industry. Scott Hall will be sorely missed, but his memory will live on in the hearts of wrestling fans forever.