The Death of Sharon Tate and Her Funeral

Sharon Tate was a popular American actress and model of the 1960s. She was tragically murdered in August 1969 in her home in Los Angeles by members of the Charles Manson cult. Her death was a shock to the public and her funeral became a high-profile event. To this day, her murder remains a mystery and her funeral remains an iconic reminder of the tragedy that took her life.

The Aftermath of Sharon Tate’s Murder

Sharon Tate’s death shocked the public and her funeral was attended by hundreds of people. Her husband, director Roman Polanski, was too devastated to attend the funeral. He later said that he could not bear to see her lifeless body. Her father, Paul Tate, was the only one of her immediate family to attend the funeral.

The Funeral Procession

The funeral procession began at Sharon Tate’s home where mourners gathered to pay their respects. Her body was then transported to the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills. There, the casket was draped in a white cloth and adorned with flowers. Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral service, including Hollywood celebrities such as Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty, and Jack Nicholson.

The Funeral Service

The funeral service was a private ceremony conducted by Reverend Dwight Macdonald. During the service, Reverend Macdonald gave a eulogy that focused on how Sharon Tate’s life was cut short and how she inspired others with her beauty, kindness, and generosity. The service also included hymns and prayers that were aimed at comforting those in attendance.

The Burial

After the funeral service, the casket was taken to the Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village. There, Sharon Tate was laid to rest in a private ceremony. Her grave is marked with a simple stone that reads “Sharon Tate, Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Friend”.

The Legacy of Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate’s death and her funeral left an indelible mark on the public consciousness. Her beauty, grace, and kindness were remembered by those who attended her funeral, and her memory has been kept alive by those who have been inspired by her life. To this day, Sharon Tate remains an icon of the 1960s, and her death and funeral are reminders of the fragility of life.


Sharon Tate’s death and her subsequent funeral were a tragic reminder of how life can be taken in an instant. Her story has left a lasting impact on the public, and her funeral remains an iconic reminder of her beauty, grace, and kindness. To this day, Sharon Tate’s memory lives on in the hearts of those who mourned her and those who have been inspired by her life.