Tollefson Funeral Home: A Dedicated Provider of Funeral Services

Tollefson Funeral Home has been serving the families of Spokane, Washington since 1951. Providing funeral services with compassion and dignity, Tollefson offers a range of services to help families plan the perfect memorial for their loved one. Whether it’s cremation, traditional burial, memorial services, or other special services, Tollefson Funeral Home is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and support.

A Compassionate and Professional Team

The staff at Tollefson Funeral Home are all experienced professionals, who are committed to providing a compassionate and respectful environment for those who have lost a loved one. Their team is dedicated to understanding the needs of each family, and helping them plan a meaningful memorial service. From the initial consultation, to the day of the service, Tollefson Funeral Home is committed to providing exceptional service.

Services Offered

Tollefson Funeral Home provides a variety of services to families, including traditional burials, cremations, memorial services, and special services. Whether it’s a straightforward cremation, or a more elaborate memorial service, Tollefson strives to accommodate the wishes of each family. They also offer pre-planning services, so families can make arrangements in advance.


Tollefson Funeral Home understands that the cost of a funeral can be a difficult burden on a family. As such, they strive to provide affordable services, without compromising on quality. Tollefson Funeral Home offers competitive prices on all of its services, as well as payment plans and other options to help families manage the cost of a funeral.


Tollefson Funeral Home offers a range of memorials to help families remember their loved one. From personalized monuments and headstones, to urns and caskets, Tollefson has something to suit every budget and preference. They also offer unique items such as keepsakes and memory boxes, as well as traditional items such as flowers and candles.

Online Resources

Tollefson Funeral Home has an extensive website, which provides comprehensive information about their services and products. They also provide helpful resources, such as information about burial laws, grief counseling, and funeral etiquette. Whether you’re looking for information about funeral arrangements, or simply searching for ways to cope with the loss of a loved one, Tollefson Funeral Home is a great resource.

A Reputation for Excellence

Tollefson Funeral Home has been in business for over 65 years, and the company has built a reputation for providing excellent service for families in Spokane, Washington. With a dedicated team of professionals and a commitment to providing the highest quality of service, Tollefson Funeral Home has become a trusted name in funeral services.

A Caring and Respectful Partner

When it comes to honoring the memory of a loved one, Tollefson Funeral Home is a partner you can trust. With a compassionate and professional team, and a commitment to providing affordable services, Tollefson Funeral Home is a dedicated provider of funeral services in Spokane, Washington.